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Secont Post, 2.5 Years Later [15 Apr 2010|11:34pm]
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My last entry was from when I was a senior in high school. I thought I may as well update again, you know, two and a half years later.

I'll probably be just tickled to read (2.5 years after this) that I am presently stuck in Spain. Iceland decided to spew its ash over Europe & the UK so no flights are currently going in. Instead of travelling today, I was on the beach singing, collecting shells and playing volleyball. Instead of working in my jammies tomorrow, I will be in Spain wondering how I'll get home.

Funny that all I'm thinking about right now is how I've got two huge assignments and two exams within this month. Funny because I'm in one of those historical moments that is later mentioned. ("Oh, you were around during the blizzard of '78?" "Oh! Were you trying to get to the UK during the ash siege of twenty-ten, then?")

Well, here's proof. Laughter. I'm stuck in Spain and my face is burned like a strange rare panda species. Yes, I was wearing sunglasses.

I am beach-bedraggled but amused. Tomorrow's another day and the tomorrows will keep coming, come exams and high waters and ash, until there aren't any tomorrows anymore; then it won't matter anyway. Smiles.

I surrender. It is out of my control. That feels beautiful.

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First Post [22 Oct 2007|11:34pm]
Dunno how many will follow. InsaneJournal. Never really heard of it.

I like how much icon space there is. And no, of course I'm not at all obsessed with Harry Potter... =P.

I don't have to work until next Monday. w00t. A little time.

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